G Class Meeting USA

Bill Rader Motorsports

Bill Rader Motorsports

I remember when i first saw the Bill Rader G Class in Vegas, on the SEMA Show  in2014…

It was huge. The first custom portal axle G’s in the states.

“Using the portal axles and the tyres to gain all the lift means the suspension geometry is not changed at all,” Rader explains. “This translates into no change in on-road handling other than the feel of the larger tyres, while the gear ratio inside each of the portals is the exact ratio to compensate for the 37-inch tyres. So all systems work as normal, including the speedometer, ABS, ESP and so on.”

In the next years i met several G owners from California to Utah, from Nevada to Oregon…

Owners with different G’s: from W460 to the newest models.

Different people with similar interests.

Finally in 2018 i met Bill in Las Vegas. We spoke about G’s & about the G-amboree.

We were going to the desert, to try his new custom G 😉

We were in the desert and ask each other:

“Should we make a G-amboree event in the States?”

That was the first step.

So, the G-amboree Las Vegas “base camp” will be the BRM.

We can learn about the drivtrain of the G Class, when & how we use the difflocks…

We can ask Mr. Rader about repair, parts or customization.

Lift kit, portals, or custom build G, they can 😉