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Logandale trails

Logandale trails

On the G-amboree Vegas event we will visit various places in Nevada.

Moapa Valley is a little gem in the southern Nevada desert, edged between Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Valley of Fire State Park. Made up of a series of alluring communities—Overton, Logandale, Glendale and Moapa—this is where you’ll also find the Muddy River, a tributary of the Colorado River system that empties into the expansive Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Source &  more Infos: https://travelnevada.com/regions/southern/moapa-valley

The Logandale Trails System is located in Logandale,NV, about 62 miles from Las Vegas, or 73 miles from St. George, UT. This is located in Moapa Valley, where you can find plenty of food and supplies to keep you going for a day, or a weekend trip.  Source & more Infos: https://moapavalleychamber.com/

The Logandale Trails System (LTS) contains over 200 miles of trails, suitable for a variety of OHV types, as well as hiking and horseback riding. The LTS offers a unique recreation opportunity in Southern Nevada, with the opportunity to see rare plants and animals and petroglyphs left hundreds of years ago by inhabitants of the area. Source & more Infos: https://ohv.nv.gov/trails/logandale-trails