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PreparinG for 2020

PreparinG for 2020

This past weekend we took the G on its first “big” camping trip. Lesley usually goes camping at a Hilton rather than a tent and prefers the comforts of the G63 over the w461, but I talked her into it.

The brutal and original feel of driving a real G wagon like the w461 is awesome, but after a 2000 mile road trip from California to Minnesota one thing was apparent. The work truck “professional” seats were absolutely horrible. After a few days my back recovered, but the moment I sat back in the seats the bones in my back cringed.

So, I did some research and it seems that Scheel Mann seats are the best of the best for a G Wagon. Made in Germany, built for long distance, sport driving and with a very fitting style. There is a great review on expeditionportal.com right now that explains everything.

I talked to Balázs about them and how Scheel Mann is a sponsor of the G-Amboree in Europe. Balazs has done a very good job of partnering with the best people in the industry that offer G Class parts and service. So, I trusted his judgement and ordered a set of seats from Toby Pond / Scheel-Mann USA.

The seats came and I installed them as fast as I could. Just in time for the trip last weekend. I am absolutely blown away. These seats completely transformed the experience of this G. The comfort and support is better than you could ever imagine. After 1000 miles last weekend through the rough roads, trails and also long straight highway I can say that these seats will be in every adventure wagon I ever own. My co-pilot wants to go on another trip already this weekend in the Green machine rather than the AMG G class. Yes. That is how good they are.

Now scheel-mann usa is a partner of the G-amboree VEGAS – The Desert Crusin’G VOL.2 and continuing the tradition of gathering the best parts and people at the G-Amboree. I hope you hop in and feel them in Vegas!

See you soon in Vegas,