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Ghost towns of the Mojave

Ghost towns of the Mojave

Mojave Desert and its environs are full of mysteries, surprises, and communities that went from boom to bust so quickly they’re all but forgotten. Most of these towns were built for some kind of mining endeavor, and when the industry dried up, so did their thriving populations.

While you might stumble across some of these “ghost towns” on your way somewhere else – say, to Leadfield in Titus Canyon – others take a bit more work to find.

Some require a four-wheel drive to reach them by roads, which run the risk of being washed out from recent rains in the area. Some towns have nothing left but a historical marker, while others are completely inaccessible by car.

On the G-amboree Las Vegas VOL 2. we will visit some famous and less famous ghost towns with our G Class 😉